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Picture this: your brand, DTC stardom. We're the wizards behind it, sprinkling TikTok and Meta magic to make your success story real, simple as that.

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How we generated 3.2M in sales with a 7+ ROAS for Blinds2Go

Tangible, Profitable And Real Results

Skincare Brand: $1M Spent -> $4.1M 

Backstory On This Client:

This was a skincare brand that only started 3 years ago. Before working with us they we're hitting 500/600k a month with very high AOV but everytime they tried to scale, their profits we're decreasing too much, making it impossible for them to hit the big numbers. We pushed their unique selling propositions with Performance UGC creatives that produced great results. Within the first year of working with us, because of correctly executed UGC & TikTok ads, we were able to scale this client to $4M a month ad while at the same staying very profitable. This is the result of combining a high converting sales process, products with a good product-market fit, that have creatives curated for sales and extremely potent paid advertising.

Supplement Brand: $200k -> $778k In 30 Days

Backstory On This Client:

A supplement brand which prior to working with Atlas they had already achieved some success via Google ads and Facebook ads. That said, their ideal customer profiel was still not fully build out and their landing page was not constantly improving. So before we even launched an ad, we advised them and walked them through the steps they needed to take in order to optimize their conversion rate, have a deep routed understanding of their ideal customer and created their first few batch of UGC creatives. Afterwards we started launching our first iteration of ads on TikTok, which resulted in our 3rd month of working together generating over $778k. This brand now is in the Ms of revenue annually.

Skincare Brand: $10k => $80k In 1 Day!

Backstory On This Client:

This was a skincare brand. Before becoming a client of ours they we're running Facebook ads but they we're never able to scale. They didn't know which strategy to use when scaling their brand. They were in a market with much competition. That’s when we came in and helped them. They had never passed 20k a day and after working with us they hit 80k in one day. Before advertising for them we made sure we had a deep-rooted understanding of their ideal customer and knew exactly what they wanted and then this became the byproduct. Having that insight, we created UGC content that targeted their customer's pain points. It was authentic and transparent, which made them stand out from all their competitors who weren't utilizing it to the degree we were. We showed their potential customers what they desired and then they purchased. They also had some back-end issues with their unit economics, so we helped them in that regards as well.

What makes us different to other agencies?

Getting started within 1-3 Days 💨

We understand that timing is crucial in the fast-paced world of e-commerce, which is why we've developed an onboarding where we literally can get started within 1-3 days. We like to take action so we can get started as soon as possible and get you your desired results, no time wasting!

Over 30M in ad spend 👍

The most crucial factor to succeed with media buying is to work with a team that has extensive knowledge and experience. Our knowledge is built by our experience, having spent over 30M in ad spend on both platforms like TIkTok and Meta, makes us your go-to partner to scale your paid media.

Transparancy 📈

With business and life in general, in order to succeed and have great partnerships, one of the most important things is being transparant, we have weekly or bi-weekly calls with our clients to keep you exactly in the loop with what's going on BUT we don't just tell you what happend we also tell you and explain what we've done and the reason for it, so you can learn with us and understand media buying as well. 

No ''90 day commitment''📃

''We offer everything  but you have to commit for 90 days'', NO! We do not tie our clients to a 90 day contract, if you only want to work for just one month, we are more than happy to do so. We understand that most Ecom founders got burned by agencies so we really don't mind working for one month so you can test our services and see if this is something you would want on a long-term basis. We do everything on a roling month by month basis however we do have special discounts if you want to opt-in to a longer contract. 

Frequently Asked Questions

🏷️What is the price?
Our pricing will be based on your current KPI's. To book a call please
click here. We charge a retainer for smaller brand but if you spend a certain amount we charge a percentage of your ad spend for the ad management 
 📃What's your guarantee?
Our guarantee is that we will commit 100% and be as transparant as we can, guiding you through the whole process and being our upmost best to  get you to hit your targets!
📸Do you guys only offer TikTok and Meta ads?
Yes we only offer TikTok and Meta ads, however we do have partners for Google ads too. If you're interested in only TikTok or only Meta that is fine as well!
🤝Am I qualified to work with Atlas?
To work with us you must be spending or committed to spending at least $10k on paid media monthly. This offer is not for newbies or anyone looking to get rich overnight - we are looking for growth partners we can develop long-term relationships with.

Who this is for:

  • Brand owners that want to scale their paid media with our back-tested strategies.
  • Brand owners that don't have feel confident about their ability to scale.
  • Brand owners that are tired of being stuck at the same revenue level.
  • Brand owners that are sick of not knowing what to do.
  • Brand owners that don't just want to have a trustable partner that they can 100% rely on and build a healthy relationship with.

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